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Travel Niche in Concert and Study Tours
Vadnais Heights, MN (November 18, 2009) — Fulfilling a special group travel niche, the Concert and Study Tours professionals in the local Travel Leaders Vadnais Heights and Chanhassen offices organize travel abroad opportunities for area musical groups. The experienced staff that make up the Concert and Study Tours team are knowledgeable musicians and travel experts who are skilled at planning memorable performance and educational experiences abroad to destinations in Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Japan and Brazil.

“Since our group’s inception in 1981, it has been our goal to provide enhanced educational and cultural exchange opportunities, and to help students broaden their perspectives and ultimately to become better musicians,” explained Judy Olson, a Travel Leaders concert tour specialist. “As a music educator and musician, it is gratifying to have an indirect impact on student musicians’ lives in this way.”

In addition to arranging all of a group’s overseas travel and sightseeing, these travel specialists work with local concert sponsors to set up concert venues in prestigious churches, cathedrals, schools, celebrations and festivals in quaint villages and charming cities. “Our program is unique in that we partner with the directors of the music groups that tour with us and the many international contacts who host our touring groups and we all collaborate together to establish a good will mission,” added Olson.

The concert sponsors then promote the organization’s concerts to the community where the choir or band will be visiting, and also provide comfortable home stays for the musicians if needed. A home stay is a unique Concert and Study Tour cultural experience where the musicians can be placed with a participating family for part of their trip abroad. This option not only saves the traveler money on lodging, but provides them with a rich experience where they can get an up close look at the culture and community of the land they are visiting.

“It is professionally rewarding to be involved in the process of taking a group’s idea of wanting to tour internationally to detailing the finalized performance tour,” said Patt Potter, another Travel Leaders concert tour specialist. “It is personally rewarding to hear wonderful, heartfelt stories from the musical group upon their return of the bonds they forged with their local host families, as well as the glowing reports from the concert sponsors on the group’s performance.”

For more information on the Travel Leaders Concert and Study tours program, call 800.869.1082.
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