Naomi Zupfer & Patt Potter 

Naomi Zupfer & Patt Potter

Naomi Head Shot

Naomi Zupfer

Concert Tour Coordinator


Naomi Zupfer links the musical aspects of the concert tours with the related travel needs for both international and domestic concert tours. She works closely with directors on the initial planning, secures the concert sponsorships and coordinates with them and her colleagues on the related logistical details of the concert tours. Naomi received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication and Theatre Arts from Bethel University, where she also performed in the concert choir for four years. She has been working in arts administration for a number of years, arranging concerts for a number of musical groups. Naomi has served as General Manager of the National Lutheran Choir, as event manager at The Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, and as concert coordinator for the Benson Great Hall at Bethel University.

Patt Potter
Concert Tour Financial Coordinator


Patt has been with Concert and Study Tours since 1999. During that time she has worked as financial planner, land and air coordinator for international as well as domestic concert and study tours. She has extensive experience in working with vendors to secure the best hotels for the best price for groups. She also works closely with directors and colleagues on all pertinent logistical tour details.