homestayhugOne of the most rewarding and unique ways to experience another culture is to share in a meal around the family table.   As dishes are passed from hand to hand, different languages, customs and surroundings encourage you to see your world from a new perspective.   Home stays allow you to hear stories of life from another land.   As you and your group share your lives and music you become ambassadors for what is important to you.

Home stays are arranged through our Concert Sponsors.  Their commitment to host you and your group members in their homes builds the anticipation of your arrival in their community.   As their guests, your hosts enthusiastically promote your Concert performance creating a musically appreciative audience that takes personal joy in applauding your music.

Home stays also provide an opportunity to ease the expense of international traveling. Concert and Study Tours will work closely with you to determine what number of Home Stays is right for your group.

The youngsters were marvelous ambassadors for the United States, endearing themselves to the audience and in particular to the hosts with whom they stayed, many whom wished they could stay longer.

Gordon Crabtree, Concert Sponsor for the Wartburg College ChoirHale United Reform Church, Cheshire, ENGLAND

My favorite part of the tour was the people.  Homestays were an integral part of our concert tour experience.  At Banbury, I was delighted to stay up late discussing the history of the English language with my host, at Whitley Bay my hostess celebrated Christmas with us again in typical English fashion and in Orpington I even got my sports fix by watching Rugby and football (soccer) highlights.

Student, Annika Walbert JohnsonHamline A Cappella Choir