Concert & Study Tours

As a division Travel Leaders, Concert and Study Tours is part of a global licensed and bonded travel agency.   This means we are able to utilize their buying power to get you the best prices from virtually anyone in the travel business for both individual and group travel.

We offer:

    • Competitive airfares from domestic and international carriers
    • Preferred pricing at accommodations throughout the world
    • Exclusive discounts for land and sea transportation
    • We are experts at making sure groups get where they need to go at the best price and in the most pleasant way possible.

Concert and Study Tours is also able to offer you through Travel Leaders a range of helpful services, available anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night:
Expert guidance and Tour Escort services

    • Support and assistance in collecting refunds, rescheduling flights, and obtaining lodging in case of airline strikes or bankruptcy and national disasters
    • Travel Insurance products
    • Updated travel information
    • Visa and passport service
    • Care for your group members individual travel needs, including extended travel after tour ends

Concert and Study Tours has the same dedication to excellence that you do with your music.   Let us develop a proposal for you and your group to demonstrate the savings we are able to provide and the strength of our performance.